LARA Prevailing Wage Rates

What are Prevailing Wage Rates?  In Michigan, under Public Act 166 of 1965, the Prevailing Wages on State Projects Act, the state of Michigan is required to establish the prevailing wage rate, which is the wage rate and fringe benefit amount to be paid construction workers for construction job classifications used on state construction projects.  Under the Act, the state of Michigan is required to make the rates available to the public.  This web page is one tool used to make the prevailing wage rates available to the public, additional information regarding prevailing wage can be found on our website .  
The rates listed in the table below include journeyman and when provided, apprentice rates, for each job classification.   The wage and fringe benefit amount for each classification is listed in one total straight hourly rate, a time and a half overtime rate and a double time rate.  Use the County drop down pick list in the table below to select a specific county in Michigan which will list all the prevailing wage rates established in that county; you can also use the Job drop down pick list to select a specific job classification if you would like to view established rates for a particular job classification.   Information related to the overtime provision can be found on our website in the information sheet labeled Prevailing Wage Overtime Requirement.
Beginning May 1, 2017, the Prevailing Wage Commercial Rate schedules for general information are updated monthly and are available at our website for no charge to the general public. Note: that general information schedules on this site are not the official rate schedule issued to a contracting agent for a covered state project and should not be used in the place of the official rate schedule.  You can find pdf versions of our general information commercial rate schedules by county  on our website under the MI Prevailing Wage Rate Schedules heading. 
Contracting Agents (state agencies, public schools, state universities and community colleges), to request official rate schedules; send your request to be sure to include the county name where the work will be performed in your request.  Please allow 14 days to process your request.
For questions please contact:
Michigan Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Wage and Hour Division
P.O. Box 30476
Lansing, MI  48909-7976
Phone: 517-284-7800

Prevailing Wage Rates Lookup Table