Michigan's Open Data Portal

Michigan will operationalize enterprise-wide data governance and truly manage its data as an asset.
Michigan will aggressively pursue a share first, open data policy to drive unprecedented government transparency and citizen engagement. Governance will enable data and analytics driven policy making and service delivery by Michigan's departments of state government, driving true value for money government.

Data Catalog

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People, Health & Education

Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Education, Department of Civil Rights

Quality of Life

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Natural Resources

Public Safety

Michigan State Police, Department of Corrections, Department of Military & Veterans Affairs


Department of Treasury, Michigan State Lottery, Michigan Gaming Control Board

Value for Money Government

Technology Management & Budget, Office of State Employer, Civil Service, State Budget Office, Office of Children's Ombudsman

Economic Strength

Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Licensing & Regulatory Affairs, Department of Transportation, Housing Development Authority, Insurance & Financial Services

Geospatial Data

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